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Shenzhen Simphoenix Electric Technology Co., Ltd is a state-certified private high-tech enterprise as well as a software enterprise recognized by Shenzhen Science and Information Bureau. Established in 2004, Simphoenix is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, marketing and service of industrial control product. Main product covers inverter, servo driver, PMSM, PLC, HMI, etc. Nowadays, Simphoenix has more than three hundred employees and the sales network covers whole country and other more than 60 countries and regions.

With the vision to be an excellent automation product and solution provider, Simphoenix is dedicated to boosting core competitiveness through continuous increasing investment on R&D and optimized layout so as to keep pioneering and innovation in the professional technologies. Based on the technology with independent intellectual property rights, Simphoenix strives to offer satisfied product, solutions and initiative value-added service for customers. Now Simphoenix product has been widely applied in the field of machine tool, plastics, crane, building, textile, cable, air compressor, water supply, HVAC, food and printing machine.

With the mission to create value for customers, Simphoenix is always committed to upgrading business structure in response to market changes, simplifying working flow to realize inner management innovation, building environment that employees are able to have intellectual discussion. Based on the field of industrial control and new energy, Simphoenix strives to be a reliable and respectable automation brand.


  • 2017

    CMCD Most competitive brand

    E580 won CAIMRS Intelligent control product award

  • 2016

    CA100 Servo won CAMRS Innovation Awards

    TOP10 Brand in China VFD market

    Officially opened updated CRM

  • 2015

    New logo released

    New Chinese Website a new on-line

  • 2014

    Obtain CA100 high performance servo and servo motor industry fund

    Customer-oriented Magazine Voice of Sunfar and internal magazine Sunfarers released

    Factory extended

  • 2013

    Pair trawling chamber established

    Acquisition of motor product line

    Listed into the first Talent Housing Enterprise Directory

  • 2012

    Pass reexamination as a national high-tech enterprise

    Launch PDM (product data management) system

    Set up EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) laboratory

    Establish servo program

    Obtain two patents for invention?

  • 2011

    The headquarter was moved to Nanshan Science and Technology Park

    The factory was relocated to Gushu Huichao Industrial Zone, Xixiang, Baoan District

    Employed five German fully automatic production lines, creating a production site with annual output of 500 million

    EHR human resource management system was formally used.

    CRM customer relationship management system was formally used

    11 protected patents (including 1 patent for invention, 3 patents for utility models and 9 patents for design) 5 software copyrights

    V360 and A510 series products were certified by CE

    Obtained RMB 5 million financial aid by Shenzhen Development and Reform Committee for photovoltaic grid-connected micro-inverter engineering laboratory

  • 2010

    Annual sales income over RMB 100 million

    National high-tech enterprise

    Shenzhen famous brand

    8 patents protection (including 1 patent for invention, 3 patents for utility models, and 4 patents for design)

  • 2009

    Obtained 9 protected patents (including 3 patents for invention, 4 patents for utility models and 2 patents for design)

    Obtained 6 software copyrights

    E300 products were verified by CE certification

    Financially aided by Technological R&D Plan (three new categories) of Shenzhen Scientific and Technological Research and Development Fund

    Top 20 Energy-Conversion and Environmental Protection Benchmarking Enterprises in Shenzhen

    Financially aided by the National Development and Reform Committee for High-end Inverter Industrialization

  • 2008

    OA office automatic system was successfully launched

    Passed SGS certification

    Formally engaged in foreign trade export business

    Financially aided for enterprise research and development investment by Shenzhen scientific research and development fund

  • 2007

    Software Enterprise

    Hi-tech enterprise

    Passed ISO9000 certification

    E380 series products were verified by CE certification

    China’s top ten brands of general

    purpose Inverters in the inverter industry

    Top ten domestic brands in China’s low-frequency inverter market

  • 2006

    ERP system was successfully put into use

    7S was successfully promoted

  • 2005

    Introduced semi-automatic production line

  • 2004

    Shenzhen Sunfar Electric Technologies Co., Ltd was established

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New logo is a combination of an abstract phoenix formed by lines and the letter ‘Simphoenix’ which is our company’s name for short. It is overally vivid and significant. ‘Phoenix’, king of birds, which represents a spirit of constant pursuit and improvement, also implicates our corporate culture of innovation and continuous improvement. The pattern above the company’s name is an abstract picture of a phoenix composed of several lines in helical shape to simulate a wing-spreading phoenix which is going to fly. The same pattern is also like the radiating sun symbolizing the wing of technology and spirit of innovation. The entire LOGO embodies our spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, with which we are sure to lead the automation industry to a new height.



-to be excellent automation product and solution provider.


-continuously create value for customers

Enterprise Spirits

-innovation never stop


-Sincerity, all-win, dedication